Our research vision is "Use, Measure and Control Thermal Energy Smartly."

In order to achieve these, we are aiming for "Advancement of Energy Utilization" and "elucidation of migration phenomena" based on heat transfer science knowledge.


Our laboratory uses the knowledge and technology of heat transfer / thermal engineering to observe, study and model various phenomena closely related to actual industrial / production processes. The results obtained and the newly discovered facts have a wide range of applications / application possibilities. We often patent the ideas proposed / developed in the laboratory, and conduct research based on the energy transfer phenomenon in actual manufacturing.
The subject of the student who belongs to the laboratory is given a rough research policy, but the directionality of the contents is very flexible according to the student's own autonomy and interest.
Let's check and understand the various phenomena by energy use by yourself and establish a way to use in the world. Please feel free to come to the laboratory if you are interested.


Our responsibility and approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • The laboratory's website has been renewed. (August 5, 2019)