Welcome to Energy Application Lab.

The main objective of the research activity in the Energy Application Laboratory is to observe, investigate and model the energy conservation problems in the various industrial processes by means of the knowledge of the transport phenomena as well as the novel analyzing techniques. The research is based on the actual manufacturing process, the outcomes will be published on the Journals as well as the international conference. If we came up with a new idea, why not pursue obtaining a patent.
The research subjects of the students are sufficiently discussed among the faculty member of the laboratory, the flexibility of the research subject is guaranteed. In the energy application Laboratory, many students from a various countries are joining and doing leading-edge researches. If you are interested in, please don't hesitate to contact the Laboratory.


Effective utilization of energy, Heat transfer engineering, Rheology, fluid mechanics, multiphase flow, phase change, micro-nano phenomena, plastic, glass, thermal storage, heating/cooling, food processing, laser processing, laser measurement, visualization, etc.

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